Dr. Joseph Siaw Agyepong, the executive chair of the Jospong Group, along with Mrs. Adelaide Agyepong and other executives from the JGC, welcomed the Zambian president Hakainde Hichilema to Accra Compost and Recycling Plant (ACARP) in Accra during a working visit to Ghana. The president was accompanied by a group of ministers, as well as other members of the diplomatic corps and various other individuals.

The Executive Chair in welcoming the Zambia President to the facility, assured him of the capability and readiness of the Group to support Zambia to successfully manage its waste.  Dr. Agyepong highlighted a significant characteristic of African waste, emphasizing that organic waste accounts for 61% of the total. He stressed the importance of converting this specific waste component into fertilizer, while the remaining waste comprises 14% plastics, 3% leather and glass, 2% textiles, 5% e-waste, and other miscellaneous items. Dr. Agyepong proudly stated that Jospong is actively engaged in these endeavors across Africa.

President Hakainde Hichilema in addressing the leaders of the Jospong Group of Companies at the Accra Compost and Recycling Plant (ACARP), highlighted a shift in the focus of African leaders, from political discussions to the creation of opportunities for the African people. This, he emphasized, is the new approach being considered.

“we don’t need you to persuade us to give you the Opportunity to operate: It Is our responsibility to build African businesses that will give jobs to our people” he assured.

President Hichilema made it clear that there was no need for persuasion to grant the opportunity for the Jospong Group to operate. He firmly stated that it is the responsibility of African nations to foster the growth of businesses that generate employment for their own people.

He provided an assurance to the JGC that he would promptly establish a committee within the Zambian Presidency. The committee’s purpose would be to collaborate closely with the Jospong team and commence work with utmost urgency. President Hichilema reiterated the massive mandate his election victory represented, emphasising the commitment to follow through on promises made to improve the lives of the people. He also stressed the importance of African citizens learning to choose leaders who can work towards the greater benefit of the population.