Balled Cardboard

In our operations, we are dedicated to the meticulous sorting and baling of cardboard for subsequent commercial applications. Through an efficient sorting process, we ensure that cardboard materials are categorized appropriately based on their characteristics. Following this, the baling phase compresses the sorted cardboard into compact, manageable bales.
These bales serve as a valuable commodity for various commercial purposes. They are sought after in industries that rely on recycled cardboard as a raw material for manufacturing a wide array of products.


Skilled personnel expertly categorize cardboard based on its characteristics, often using a combination of visual inspection and automated machinery. Different types of cardboard, such as corrugated cardboard, paperboard, and mixed grades, are separated to ensure their suitability for specific recycling processes.


The cardboard undergoes the transformation process – baling. Our ultra-modern machine compress the cardboard into compact, rectangular or cylindrical bales. This significantly reduces their volume, making them easier to transport, store, and handle.

Bales are secured with sturdy wire or strapping to maintain their shape during transportation and storage. This ensures they arrive at their destination intact and ready for further processing.


During sorting, contaminants like plastic, metal, and food residues are meticulously removed. This ensures the purity of the recycled cardboard and prevents issues during baling and subsequent manufacturing.


  • Paper Production: Recycled cardboard fibers can be used to create new paper and cardboard products, reducing reliance on virgin wood pulp.
  • Packaging Solutions: Baled cardboard can be transformed into packaging materials like cardboard boxes, envelopes, and protective inserts, offering sustainable alternatives to virgin materials.
  • Building Materials: Certain types of recycled cardboard can be used in the production of insulation panels and building boards, contributing to eco-friendly construction practices.
  • Furniture and Interior Design: Innovative manufacturers are using recycled cardboard to create furniture, wall panels, and even decorative items, pushing the boundaries of sustainable design

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