Our Products

Organic Compost Fertilizer

We produce 100% organic compost designed for agricultural applications, providing a cost-effective solution. Our organic products are universally beneficial for all crops and can be applied effortlessly under favourable conditions.


Compostx Liquid Fertilizer

ACARP CompostX is 100% organic fertilizer containing beneficial microorganisms Azotobacter chroococcum, Bacillus Megaterium bacteria, and Frateuria Aurantia bacteria which fix atmospheric nitrogen to the plant, supply phosphorous and enhance potash in the plants. This fertilizer is in liquid form, easy to apply and handle, and more efficient.

Pelletized Plastics

ACARP divert plastic waste from landfills by recycling it into high-quality pellets, used to make new plastic products. This reduces reliance on virgin plastic and promotes a circular economy for this valuable material.


Baled PET Bottles

ACARP plays a vital role in environmental conservation by rescuing PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) from landfills, employing a baling process to prepare it for commercial use. The baled PET serves as a valuable resource for manufacturing various products, including jerseys and other textile items. This sustainable approach not only diverts plastic waste from landfills but also contributes to the creation of new, eco-friendly materials for the textile industry. By repurposing PET, ACARP actively participates in the circular economy, promoting responsible waste management and resource utilization.

Baled Cardboard

In our operations, we are dedicated to the meticulous sorting and baling of cardboard for subsequent commercial applications. Through an efficient sorting process, we ensure that cardboard materials are categorized appropriately based on their characteristics. Following this, the baling phase compresses the sorted cardboard into compact, manageable bales. These bales serve as a valuable commodity for various commercial purposes. They are sought after in industries that rely on recycled cardboard as a raw material for manufacturing a wide array of products


Refused Derived Fuel

Refuse-Derived Fuel (RDF) is a sustainable energy source derived from residual waste that remains after the primary waste processing stages. This residual waste, often comprising materials that are challenging to process through traditional means, is repurposed to create RDF. The primary advantage of RDF lies in its combustible properties, making it an effective heat fuel.

RDF serves as a valuable alternative fuel in industries such as cement and coal, where its combustible nature is harnessed for heat generation. This not only provides a solution for the responsible disposal of residual waste but also contributes to reducing reliance on traditional fossil fuels. The cement and coal industries benefit from RDF as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly substitute, aligning with sustainable practices and addressing energy needs while minimizing the environmental impact of waste disposal. Overall, RDF represents an innovative approach to waste management and energy generation, fostering a more circular and eco-conscious industrial landscape.

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