The effectiveness of our waste utilization is attributed to the advanced capabilities of our well-equipped plant facilities, which enable us to employ suitable processes.

Core Operations

We process waste by diverting organics from landfills and creating valuable resources. The key stages involve weighing, initial sorting, detailed separation, controlled composting, and utilizing the resulting products. By optimizing each step, this process reduces environmental impact and promotes sustainable waste management


ACARP Organic Compost is a dark humus-like soil enhancement medium, very rich in organic matter, macro and micronutrients suitable for agriculture.
It is the end-product from the composting process; a typical volume reductions process of organic materials and green waste (approximately 50%) which undergo the decomposition process. No additives are required as this product does not contain bark fines which are used by some manufacturers solely as a bulking agent.
ACARP organic compost can be used for all agronomical and horticultural activities. 

Contains beneficial
micro-organisms which
break down organic matter
to create humus thereby
promoting higher yields
of agricultural crop.

Suppresses the incidence of plant diseases
and pest and reduces
the need for

chemical fertilizers.

Reduces loss of nutrient through leaching
because the organic nutrients are
mainly in an insoluble form
which are less likely to leach

Improves soil tilt
thereby permitting better
root growth and consequent
ready accessibility to the nutrients.

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