Products Destruction

ACARP have a variety of certified destruction methods for anything deemed unfit for public use, from faulty merchandise to excess materials.
Our facility boasts cutting-edge equipment like crushers, shredders, balers, and heavy machinery. We tailor a unique destruction plan for each project, guaranteeing your off-spec or substandard goods are pulverized beyond recognition before proper disposal or recycling

We offer secure product destruction to ensure faulty or substandard items never reach the market again. Our engineers oversee the entire process, from arrival at our facilities to final destruction.

Products Destruction Type
Expired or damaged goods: Outdated food, medicines, electronics, and other items are responsibly disposed of, preventing them from entering landfills or posing safety risks.
Counterfeit products: ACARP helps protect brands and consumers by destroying seized counterfeit goods, ensuring authenticity and quality in the market.
Confiscated or recalled items: Recalled products or those confiscated by authorities are handled with proper care and destroyed according to regulations.
Documentation and Certificates

Upon completion, we can furnish the following documentation tailored to your requirements

Photo/Video Documentation: Visual evidence of your product being received and destroyed, captured by our team.
Certificate of Destruction: A formal document confirming your product’s destruction, including date, details, method, and weight.
Witness to Destruction: For sensitive items, you can personally witness the destruction in a secure environment.

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